Marietta Georgia Restaurants That You Don't Want To Miss Out On - How To Find A Studio Apartment For Rent In Marietta-GA
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Marietta Georgia Restaurants That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Marietta Georgia Restaurants That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Let’s stop by two more Marietta, GA restaurants so we can see what else is out there. Last round, burgers and ribs won out along with a breakfast place that served up chicken biscuits and cinnamon rolls. This time, we are going to stop at a place called Moxie Burger on Village Parkway NE. Do you like the taste of fried green tomatoes? My mom keeps talking about getting fresh tomatoes from her uncle, and so I think of that now anytime I see any restaurant highlight tomatoes.

In this case, I also think of the movie named after the food. They serve up much more than fried green tomatoes though. There are burgers, salads, lamb and fries. By the way, you can put the fried green tomatoes on your burger. Now let’s look at the second restaurant on this list, which is It’s Greek To Us. What an interesting name, don’t you think? It is on Church Street, and the menu highlights talk about a gyro platter, Greek Salad, lamb and potatoes and much more. One reviewer mentions that this place serves up big portions, so that is always good.

Then we have Dave Poe’s Barbecue, and it is located on Whitlock Avenue. Now this restaurant is going to serve up all the great barbeque favorites, don’t you think? Imagine what desserts they will have. When I go to a barbeque restaurant, I always like to look for pies or cakes or anything of that nature. What kind of barbecue is your favorite? Personally, I like ribs, sausage and all of the above. Brisket has to be on the plate as well and a brisket sandwich sounds good too.

After finding a Greek restaurant and a restaurant that serves a barbecue, you’ve got plenty of places to eat at already. As a matter of fact, I think id like to visit both of those twice before I got went anywhere else. The first thing I would like to order the Greek restaurant is the euro platter. I already said what I would like to eat at the barbecue restaurant. Out of both of these places, which one would you like to visit first? I think I’m craving a year or more than anything so I will stop by the place that serves at the delicious Greek cuisine, sounds tasty.