Marietta GA Top Restaurants For You To Eat With Your Family - How To Find A Studio Apartment For Rent In Marietta-GA
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Marietta GA Top Restaurants For You To Eat With Your Family

Marietta GA Top Restaurants For You To Eat With Your Family

Marietta, Georgia is home to many great places to eat, and for this round, we are going to three of the best. We need to hit up a restaurant that serves up Mexican cuisine, and I remember seeing one that almost got the nod last time. This time, it makes the list of three, and it is called La Parilla Mexican Restaurant. It can be found on South Marietta Parkway, and let’s get to looking at what you need to know about this establishment.

One of the menu items talked about in the reviews is the Taco Loco Salad. That already sounds delicious to me and not always something I think about eating at a Mexican restaurant. I’m more of a nachos, enchiladas, tacos, or fajitas type of guy. One reviewer says that the bartender at Taco Loco Salad is good, so expect a good bar and of course that delicious taco salad. I do like taco salads, but I am just not used to ordering them much.

Double Take Cafe is another great Marietta restaurant, and it is Powder Springs Street. The menu highlights look delicious, including items like brisket, fritters and grilled cheese sandwiches. This sounds like a cool cafe if you ask me, and another menu item mentioned in a review I noticed that sounded really tasty was loaded tater tots. Or you can also have a scrumptious summer salad.

Now it is time to go to Cherokee Cattle Company, and it is on Canton Highway. Would you have guessed this is a goof place to get ribs, steak and prime rib? How can you not have a delicious and most likely oversized meal at this nice establishment? How do you like your steak cooked? I like mine medium rare or medium.

Okay it is time to visit one last restaurant in the city of Marietta GA. It is going to be Paul’s Pot Pies. They have other menu items, but you can bet their pot pies baked on site with fresh ingredients are definitely delicious. One reviewer talks about a pie tasting dinner in which they ordered several different types for their family. That would have to be the restaurant I tried out first. What do you think? It seems to me that this would be the most unique and interesting, but you might also want a steak or Mexican cuisine first, so what fits your fancy.